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Warrior Coffee was rated with the highest AAA creditworthiness

Published 06.06.2018 | Topic: News, Office coffee


Our company has been granted with the highest possible AAA creditworthiness rating. Only 2.6 % of the companies in Finland can reach up to this rating level. To achieve the AAA credit, the company must be well established and have their finances on track.


 AAA-Rating is an automatic, constantly updated creditworthiness rating system. It systematically collects and analyses information concerning activity, background, finances and payment behaviour, it evaluates the creditworthiness of a company and its ability to handle obligations related to normal business operations. As the AAA-Rating is automatically updated. As it is mechanically produced, it is always objective and facilitates comparisons between companies.

“This is great as it strengthens our credibility as the best possible coffee partner to our customers.” –Riku Uski, CEO




Read more about the rating model here: https://finland.bisnode.fi/aaa-rating-model/

Published 06.06.2018
Topic: News, Office coffee