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Warrior Athlete Interview: Jani Pernell

Published 25.11.2016 | Topic: Warriors


I love Warrior Coffee, because first of all, I'm a coffee addict. I drink about 5-7 cups of coffee during the day, so It has to be high quality coffee. That's why I use pure, organic Warrior Coffee products. Cheap brands give me headaches, stomach problems and other unwanted symptoms. Warrior Coffee has a smooth taste, no bitterness like the regular coffees have.



Jani Pernell is a Finnish IFBB Classic Bodybuilding Overall Champion (2014), who's been actively competing from 2006 already. His other achievements include: Lifetime natural bodybuilder. "I have been training actively already for 19 years, still trying to figure eout how to become better in every way. I'm working my ass of every single day of the year. I have no coaches or nutritionists to help me. I'm all self learned through mistakes and by trying out a million different things. Basically I am coaching myself. Also posing and stage performance is all self learned. You might call me a control freak, because I want do everything myself. No one knows own body better then yourself."





1. Heya! How are you doing, how did you start your day today?

I started my day with a drink of EAA (essential amino acids). After that I ground fresh Warrior Coffee beans to get my first cup of coffee in to my body. Besides my coffee I had an omelet with 3 whole eggs and 4 egg whites, mixed with little bit of chicken, veggies and 6dl of water.


2. Can you tell us little bit about your daily routines?

 It's important for me to have a good routine in my nutrition plan. I always scale everything I eat (all year round ) no matter diet or off season. Sundays are my cooking days and I make whole week's meals ready for the upcoming week. It helps my life a lot so I don't have to stay in the kitchen everyday after work and gym. I work daily in a factory (ceramic worker) 7-15.30 and after that I'm training at the gym 15.45-17.00. I'm usually at home around 17.30 then it's all about family time. When my daughter goes to bed it's time for stretching and foam rolling. And of course Netflix :) - quality time and chilling with my wife.


3. And what about your daily nutrition routines, what do you eat to stay healthy?

It's important for me to scale everything I eat so I can keep an eye on my calorie/macro nutrient intake. Let's start with fats. I use fish oil, coconut oil, eggs, olive oil and with my coffee I use ghee also. Little bit of fats come from red meat also. Proteins come from supplements like whey, bcaa and eaa, eggs, red meat, and chicken. My carbs come mainly from oatmeal, veggies, rice and sweet potato. Low glycemic index stuff. Keeping my insulin levels steady. 


4. As your life is around sports, what do you do when you don't do sports or coach?

I like spending quality time with my family. Our 8 years old daughter has a lot of energy so any kind of sports and just goofing around is great with her. I also do some house renovating when I have the extra time. Saturdays are always family days. No gym, no bodybuilding. Just doing what my family wants to do. Sometimes it's movies sometimes it's swimming, shopping etc. Best day of the week easily :)


5. Is sports your relaxing method or do you do something else?

Bodybuilding is therapy for me. I can leave all the bad stuff (stress) behind when I exercise. Bad day at work or something like that - always forgotten when I start lifting some heavy weights :) A very good way to relax also is stretching and foam rolling. I do them every night before bedtime. They help me to recover from the day, training and it helps to get a good night sleep.


6. How do you manage and balance between lots of daily routines, work and training?

It's a challenge, but it's also my lifestyle. I don't stress about eating, training or any of that. I have been living like this for over 15 years already. I get to do what I love and that's a blessing. Of course it would be a dream if I could work little bit less and spend more time with my family. But hey, the bills have to paid.

7. Can you tell us something nobody else knows about you? :)

I'm a pretty good in drawing (Marvel stuff).


8. What motivates you most?

To become a better bodybuilder. Gaining more muscle, definition, have a better symmetry, make a better version of me. Everyone knows this is a project that's never finished. I'm trying different training programs, new nutrition plans etc. to challenge myself everyday.


9. Do you always set goals to yourself, could you live without them?

I have always some goals in my mind. Some of them are long term goals, some short term. I think it's absolutely necessary to have goals. It helps pushing hard forward every day.


10. What's your advice to all of us seeking to be the best version of ourselves?

Write down on a paper what you want to achieve. Literally describe what you are after. Then work every day towards that goal. Every day counts. No days off. Make also short term goals to stay motivated all the way. Remember to relax, too. Take time for yourself sometimes. Even 15 to 30 minutes per day. I often lye down on a spike mattress and just unwind there and nap for couple of minutes. Very important stuff.


11. You like coffee too, what is your favourite coffee drink and the best coffee moment?

I like my coffee black. That's my favourite way of enjoying it. From fresh beans to the cup. Whole procedure. My favourite coffee is medium roast (Peru). I might add some ghee to it - depends on what's my total fat intake for the day ;) I have to say I enjoy a lot the new instant butter coffee products also. So easy to make anywhere! I just add hot water on my Warrior Coffee thermal mug with one sachet squeezed in. Shake it and take it with me. And it stays warm for 5 hours. Love it!


Big thanks for Jani for sharing his stories with us! Check out Jani's official Facebook and Instagram account, too!


Published 25.11.2016
Topic: Warriors