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Warrior Athlete Interview: Eveliina Tistelgren

Published 14.06.2016 | Topic: Warriors


"Coffee means a lot to me. There is a special place in my heart for a good coffee and especially Warrior Coffee. Warrior coffee starts my mornings and makes me push little harder in my training. It gives me inspiration and already the smell of the Warrior Coffee makes me feel like a warrior."


Eveliina "Eevsku" Tistelgren is a Finnish IFBB Fitness athlete and a coach. Eveliina has won IFBB Fitness titles in Finland several times and in 2016 she achieved 6th place at the European Championships.

Besides being an athlete, Eveliina is a recognised body weight coach/instructor and graduated in 2016 as a Bachelor of Sports Studies. Eveliina is also known as a motivational and popular blogger, which you can follow in www.eevsku.fi.

Follow Eveliina also in her Instagram profile, Youtube and Snapchat - you can find them with under the name "eevsku".




1. Heya! How are you doing, how did you start your day today?

Hola! When my alarm went off, I jumped out of my bed straight to the kitchen to make my Warrior Coffee and after I got the fresh cup of coffee in my hand I was sitting in the sun for a moment and getting ready for another awesome day!

2. Can you tell us little bit about your daily routines?

Depending on the ongoing season in my sports I'm training once or twice a day. If I'm training twice I'm training straight after my Warrior Coffee in the morning. Then I'm either writing my blog, having a video or photo shoot, meetings or doing other work. Some days I may have time to have a cup of coffee with a friend. Before my second training I'm having some time for myself and probably meditating a bit. After the second training I'm trying to relax the rest of the evening before going to bed.




3. And what about your daily nutrition routines, what do you eat to stay healthy?

I'm eating nutritious food which means a lot of vegetables, berries, nuts, eggs, vegetable oils, avocados and some fish, chicken or meat. Carbs I usually eat from oatmeal, rice or sweet potatoes and mostly around my training. I love porridges, smoothies, fresh big salads and sushi! Of course some chocolate or cake is also on my meal list sometimes but mostly I eat the food my body needs to stay energetic and to recover. And I just love to eat food what makes me feel good!

4. As your life is around sports, what do you do when you don't do sports or coach?

I love writing, reading books, walking in the nature, travel and music. And spending time with my love ones.

5. Is sports your relaxing method or do you do something else?

Sports for me is mostly quite much going all in so I'm trying to relax by other ways. For example calm yoga, stretching or meditating are ways for me to relax. Sometimes I may just go in the nature, sit down and watch around. I also need a lot of time for myself to recharge because I'm giving so much of my energy to sports, work and other people.

6. How do you manage and balance between lots of daily routines, training and coaching?

I have to plan a lot. Usually I'm going through my next day before going to bed. Doing this helps me keep track on what to do and when and I'm prepared for my training with my kind of nutrition. I have learned a lot prioritizing and also saying no to things which are not going to take me forward.

7. Can you tell us something nobody else knows about you? :)

Before my training I may dance at home in front of the mirror like nobody's watching to "warm up" and raise the energy. Okay well few times I have showed that in my snapchat but that is still something most of the people don't know ;)

8. What motivates you most?

The opportunity to progress and the fact that anything is possible. We are capable for so much more we even realize.




9. Do you always set goals to yourself, could you live without them?

I kind of live with the goals but I have learned to live in a moment and trying to stop going too fast. One needs to enjoy the moments and the journey towards the goals. 

10. What's your advice to all of us seeking to be the best version of ourselves?

We set the limits ourselves. There are no limits but of course you need to work hard if you want to reach something big. Find something that makes you happy and makes you feel inspired every morning you wake up. Then you can reach the goal whatever it is.

11. You like coffee too, what is your favourite coffee drink and the best coffee moment?

Definitely the moment in the morning when I don't have rush - I enjoy my coffee and think about the day ahead. Maybe writing a blog and enjoying my coffee full of inspiration and energy! I drink my coffee usually black or with some coconut oil and almond milk. The best start for the day!

Big thanks to ever inspiring Eveliina for the interview and motivation, talk soon again! :)

Published 14.06.2016
Topic: Warriors