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Mindful Coffee Moment

Published 28.10.2016 | Topic: Coffee, Coffee break


“I’ve got to rush.. How is this calendar filled up from top to bottom, again?.. Now, concentrate on this.. Did I remember to call my boss?.. Oh, got distracted again.. Need more coffee..”

Relaxed mind is a productive mind. In this post we’ll introduce five simple steps to upgrade your coffee break into a bit more mindful moment of enjoyment. Following these steps in this article will help you sustain your energy levels, concentration and overall mood and of course.. have the most out of your coffee! Read on.

This inner dialogue might sound somewhat familiar to many of us living in the modern world. When the days are filled with dozen tasks and assignments our brains and bodies easily drift to an autopilot mode and our reality becomes a one big to do -list.

The problem with this is that if our minds are constantly thinking about the future or worrying the past we miss the one thing that happens in the middle: The life itself. Several studies have pointed out that this constant distraction is one the main causes of anxiety and a large obstacle for our happiness and well-being.

Even though multitasking might seem as a requirement for success these days, it really is not the optimal way of doing things. Often the opposite. A study shows that simultaneously jumping between tasks actually makes you perform worse and is also a big stress factor for your health. To counter this we need to give ourselves brief moments of rest and refocus. And using coffee breaks for this is an excellent (and tasty) way of doing that.

...and stop, coffee time


Coffee Break

Coffee with it’s great highs and jittery lows, is often a symbol for the modern lifestyle. In both good and bad ways. We can consume it simply as fuel to keep us going or by adding a small amount of mindfulness make the moment as a break from the vicious cycle of hyperactivity and hypoproductivity.

It’s easy to gulp down the daily dose of java on the go, barely noticing the taste of it. But instead we can take an actual break (mentally and physically!) from our work, sit back and focus only on mindfully brewing and consuming the perfect cup. Even small pauses like this can have a strong impact on our mood, help us maintain a clear mind and increase productivity in a sustainable manner.

Consider the pause as a way of honoring your body and mind, giving it the much needed and deserved moment of rest. The daily dose of zen.





1. Invest in the quality of your coffee, organic, freshly roasted and whole beans if possible. This is essential, the foundation of the whole experience.

2. Disconnect yourself from your work, social media and attention hungry electronic devices.

3. Through a few deep breaths bring yourself to the moment. Be mindful of the whole process starting from the coffee bean grinding and throughout the brewing. Hurry doesn’t exist in this moment. If your attention wanders away, gently bring it back to your breath. Consider this as a form of delicate art, observing how much finesse you can add to your actions.

4. When your cup is ready, engage all your senses, sit back and relax to fully experience the aromas, odors and the feels. Make this your moment, slowly enjoying the cup and paying attention to all the details and nuances you can find. How does the first sip taste? And the second? Taking a sip of water now and then keeps the tastebuds fresh.

5. After your cup is finished, notice how it made you feel? Where’s your mind? How was your awareness? How’s your focus now? Resist the urge to immediately rush back to your task list. Take it easy.

If you want to add even more depth to this process, you can start practicing the art of coffee cupping.

When the break is over, slowly get back into whatever you were doing earlier. Keep the mindful, rested and focused state of mind with you. Enjoy the jolt of energy provided by the cup slowly take over and carry on being awesome.


"The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus."

― Bruce Lee

This article was written by our traveling Coffee Warrior Lauri, currently lodging somewhere in Indonesia.


Published 28.10.2016
Topic: Coffee, Coffee break