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Fats In Human Nutrition

Published 26.05.2017 | Topic: Nutrition, Butter coffee


Ghee, virgin coconut oil & MCT... What are these fats and oils and why should we use them in our diet? We definitely need fats, but we don’t have to become, well.. fat. Not all fats are created equal, and to keep our engines properly running, we should be able to pick out the ones that nourish our health instead of destroying it.

During the latest years there has been a growing debate on fats and their impact on our health and well-being. Analyzing all the fatty information can be exhausting as one has to crawl through dozens of studies, opinions and arguments from side to side. Here we have gathered and squeezed in some essential information considering fats and their benefits for your general awesomeness.


Fats have been an essential part of the human diet throughout our existence and plays many key roles in maintaining our basic functions. They provide the most concentrated source of dietary energy which can be either a good or a bad thing considering the quality of the fats digested 1. This is often forgotten when speaking of fats in general, as the huge qualitative differences between different sources of fat are often neglected 2. The source of your nutrient fats play a huge role on how they impact your health.

Even though the low-fat dietary trends have created great amounts of fear towards fats, there are numerous reasons to re-evaluate this approach. This large 2009 study3found no significant link between consumption of saturated fats and heart disease. In this study of 20064switching to low-fat diet didn’t reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.Interestingly enough, low-fat diet can instead:

  • increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases 6
  • has an adverse effect on our mood 7
  • effects on our hormonal balance 8
  • drops our energy levels


Our bodies require proper fatty acids in order to provide energy and building blocks for brains, cells and tissues. Fats are also vital for proper hormone production, fat-soluble vitamin absorption (A, D, E & K) and in maintaining the health of skin and other organs. All this has a huge impact on both our cognitive and physical performance.We definitely need fats, but we don’t have to become fat. Not all fats are created equal and to keep our engines properly running we should be able to pick out the ones that nourish our health instead of destroying it.Here in the headquarters of Warrior Coffee we have selected the three best power housing fats to provide energy, focus and health in the most sustainable fashion. Let’s take a look on virgin coconut oil,ghee and pureMCT-oil.















It’s undebatable that we do need fats. The sources of our dietary fat determine whether they make us feel awesome or miserable. Having healthy fats in your diet provides you with a sustainable source of energy, improves your gut health, metabolism, appetite control and cognitive functions. Correct fat choices will help you get lean and sharp instead of getting.. well, fatter and slower.

Choosing organic, low-heat and low-processed products guarantees that you will have the most nutritious and optimal form of the fat without the malicious side-effects. Virgin olive oil, quality nuts and seeds, fish and for example avocado can also provide good quality fats and create a good base for healthy eating.

As with everything, moderation should be considered even with the healthier fats. We encourage you to test and see for yourself the optimal amounts that produce the best results supporting your personal goals.

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Published 26.05.2017
Topic: Nutrition, Butter coffee