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9 Interesting random facts about coffee

Published 16.04.2015 | Topic: Coffee, Coffee break


These astonishing coffee facts will surprise your taste buds, just like a cup of our Warrior Coffee will do as well. So, grab your morning mug and enjoy this read with a warm blend of your choice. Things are about to get a little frothy this morning!

1. The Bean Belt

Just like the equator or bible belt that crosses the globe, there is also a bean belt that wraps around the world between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. All the coffee grown in the world falls within the Bean Belt.

2. Goats Were Dancing

What do goats have to do with the delicious cup of warrior coffee that you enjoy? Well, there is a legend that states that a goat herder noticed his animals getting energized every time they ate off of one of his unique trees that sprouted bright red berries. The goat herder tried some of the berries himself, and was soon bouncing around with his goats from the pleasant jolt of euphoric.

3. Chewing the Beans

While the thought of chewing on a coffee bean may not seem so appealing, despite loving the taste when brewed flawlessly, this is the way it was originally enjoyed. Coffee berries were traditionally ground together with some animal fat (kind of like the addition of ghee to your coffee) and rolled into a ball of energy. Who knew they had power bars centuries ago?


4. Beer for Breakfast

You wake up, flick on your coffee machine and anxiously await and enjoy the aroma of your butter coffee filling your home before sitting down and starting your morning with the taste of goodness. Now, could you imagine cracking open a beer at breakfast instead of drinking coffee? Eh! It doesn't sound so bad after all, right? Jokes aside, this was actually what happened centuries ago when Prussians were concerned that coffee would interfere with the beer consumption. So, they encouraged beer for breakfast, instead of coffee. How's that for kickstarting your morning?

5. The Coffee Kings and Queens

Many people assume that the United States is the coffee guru of the world, but it falls to number 25 on the list of countries that consume the most coffee. Finland, on the other hand, is a country jacked up on caffeine, taking the number 1 spot. Us Finns actually consume an estimated 3 times more java than americans. We might be on to something (and finally on to quality as well)!

6. Curiosity Kept the Cat Alive

There's a cat named Crème Puff who enjoyed a cup of coffee every morning, along with some bacon eggs and broccoli, and she lived to be 38 years old! She must have been drinking some delicious Warrior Coffee, if we must say so ourselves. The craziest thing is that, not only is she considered to be the oldest cat ever, but the same owner raised another cat, with a coffee a day, and he ended up living for 34 years! That's a long time for a feline, so it seems that curious taste buds did not kill the cat.

7. Artist Know their Java

Honoré de Balzac, a French writer, allegedly downed 50 cups of Joe daily! Can you imagine how jolted he must have been? As for Beethoven, he wasn't an over-consumer, but he was serious about how each cup was made, and actually requested that exactly 60 beans - no more, and no less - were to be in his coffee.


8. Coffee is High Fashion

Your taste buds aren't the only thing that peaks at the aroma and sight of a warrior coffee bean. Back in the Civil War days, Southern jewelers actually used coffee beans as gemstones. You could officially wear that humble aroma of java around with you all day.

9. It'a a Life Saver

We aren't just talking about coffee bringing you back to life in the morning. The coffee health benefits are endless. It is known to prevent depression, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. It can also enhance your physical performance, and protect you against diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia. These are only a few of the coffee health benefits, but the list can go on and on.

So, pour yourself another cup of joe and let our warrior coffee turn you into a warrior physically, mentally and emotionally. These fascinating facts about your morning choice of beverage are also excellent conversation starts for the morning boardroom meeting, and can even work as a nice ice breaker for that cutie sitting beside you in the cafe.




Published 16.04.2015
Topic: Coffee, Coffee break